Chocolate Fair-A Chocoholic Heaven in Obidos, Portugal

5 years ago

Imagine a fair where everywhere you turn you see chocolate to eat and to see as sculptures, doesn`t that sound like a paradise?! Well, it does to me and its real.
The chocolate fair is a annual fair in Obidos, Portugal and it is set up inside the castle/wall of Obidos and everywhere you find different stands with everything chocolate, from drinks to treats and all kinds of different attractions.

I went there in 2009 for the first time and it was great. The place was full of people and to get inside the festival you have to go up and walk a bit but it`s worth it and a long the way you can find different stands with chocolate and even drinks like shots in chocolate shot "glasses".
The price to enter is 6 and once you do you start to smell chocolate and that smell will haunt you during the whole visit and makes you want to eat all the chocolate.
While in there you can eat/buy different kinds of chocolate, see chocolate sculptures like the ones you see in the pictures and even do SPA chocolate treatments that i had never seen before.
I do have to say that i was expecting to see a bigger fair that what it was, so in that sense i was disappointed but it was still fun.

Its a place that is worth the visit and i might be getting back again to see it.
I meant to post the pictures i took but i looked everywhere, in different computers, flash drives, memory cards and nothing. I must have lost them when my hard drive died sometime ago but i thought i had a backup of them but unfortunatly no. So i picked some online, i think it still shows what you can expect to see.

<strong>Have you ever visited this or other chocolate fair? Do you like chocolate?</strong>


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