Chocolate Dipped Cone @ McDonald`s

4 years ago

Firstly, who knew McDonald`s sold DIPPED Ice cream cones?! Certainly not me! Well, not until now. My boyfriend late at night wanted ice cream. He had eaten the "real" (meaning not fat free, frozen yogurt lol) ice cream the night before so he asked if I wanted anything at McDonald`s. My mind went "ice cream! ice cream!" so I decided to go with him. Not that I needed ice cream right then and there but I succumbed to my weakness lol. When we got to the drive thru they had a dipped cone advertised on their menu -- which I have NEVER seen advertised before -- but then again I don`t go to McDonald`s very often. My boyfriend and I both spotted it and we each ordered one for ourselves. It was quite yummy -- and messy. Usually when you get a ice cream cone at McDonald`s it`s frozen until you start eating it. This since they dipped it into the chocolate it was melting before it was even handed to us thru the drive-thru window. But nonetheless it was yummy!

Did you know McDonald`s sold dipped cones?
What is your favorite type of ice cream to get at Mickey D`s?

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