Chocolate Croissants

5 years ago

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went on a chocolate croissant hunt. Sadly, the bakery that used to sell them closed so we haven`t had one. He`s had them in the past, I`ve been the chocolate croissant virgin -- until yesterday :). I went to Trader Joe`s yesterday, ideally to kill time AND look for macaroon cookies BUT they didn`t have them at this particular store, so I substituted with chocolate croissants. French desserts are NOT a big thing in my area considering I live in a very predominantly Italian area. A macaroon is an Italian cookie here so when you say "Do you have Macaroons?" you get a coconut based cookie not a french meringue based one (LOL- anyway!!). So I snagged this 3 pack of chocolate croissants and brought them home. Since I have never had one before, I just took it out of the pack and took a bite. My first thought, okay ... second bite, this is getting better. Then my boyfriend asked me if I was going to heat it up. Huh? LOL! I`m telling you my brain is not there sometimes. They`re not the greatest thing I`ve eaten plain jane not heated -- but heated? They take on a new life of their own. The chocolate just gets yummier, the pastry softer. So yes, heating is the way to go. Would I purposely drive out of my way to go back to buy more of these? Probably not, but they are something that is a nice treat and a twist from the normal run of the mill type of desserts.

Have you ever had a chocolate croissant?

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