Chocolate Covered Strawberries

<strong>Everyone loves them right?</strong>
At least, I do.

These are my first <strong>chocolate covered strawberries</strong> from <em>Edible Arrangements</em>. My girl bought them for me, since I been craving them especially after I saw a post about them yesterday night.

I had chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva BUT from those little packets that they sell in the department stores. So they`re not really fresh at all.
I also had a <em>fresh</em> one around valentine`s day, I stole one from my best friend, Maria. lols They were HUGE.

I went and picked up <strong>a dozen of chocolate covered strawberries</strong> from Edible Arrangements right before work. They were fresh. There were 6 covered in dark chocolate and the other 6 is white chocolate. I prefer the white chocolate, obviously.

I was in the sharing mood so I gave 2 away to the 2 kids I was working with today since they behaved so good.

I was expecting them to be all neat and huge. But in actuality, they are small and the chocolate is all over the place. very sloppy. But the strawberries taste so good.

There`s 4 left. They`ll be finished by 8pm. :)

1. Have you bought/ate strawberries from Edible Arrangements?
2. If you did, are they always so sloppy?
3. Where do you get your chocolate covered strawberries from?

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