Chocolate Covered Strawberries

5 years ago

Happy Valentines!!!

Just wanted to say happy valentines and share this delicious treat with you all. Actually a pic of this delicious treat. If only I can zap one over to everybody.
These are just some strawberries that I dipped in dark chocolate drizzled with some white chocolate on top. I had wanted to make tuxedo ones but didn`t have enough white chocolate. So these will do for now.

Some stores have these huge strawberries with long stems but they are expensive, so my only option was to buy those regular strawberries. But I was lucky today cause when I went to buy those strawberries, there were 2 boxes that had these huge strawberries in it. Of course I grabbed it first and didn`t let The rest of the strawberries that were left there were regular sized, small strawberries. I bought the 1 lbs container strawberries. I had made these for some friends and luckly there were one extra so I had a sample..heheheh...
Have any of you tried these before and are you planning on making any???

**pics belong to me, don`t use without permission**

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