Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle

4 years ago

This here is <strong>Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle</strong> by Sheila G also referred to as <em>brownie crack</em>. Seriously, this stuff is AMAZING and SO addicting! This first popped up at my grocery store I thought it was something you had to bring home to make. I never read the bag until I was given a bag and told it was the greatest thing ever. My aunt knows I love cookies and I love brownies so she told my mother that I`d really enjoy these. And boy, was she right. Even my boyfriend loved these and wanted a bag to bring to work (LOL).

Brownie Brittle is what you`d get if a brownie and crispy cookie were married. Basically it`s brownie batter, that`s poured into a pan (in a very thin layer) and baked off. Since the layer is so thin all moisture is lost and it becomes very crunchy, crispy and delicious. This particular variation (the only one available in my local grocery store) is the chocolate chip variety. So the chocolate chips are on top of the brittle adding a little extra sweetness. There`s a walnut version which I really want but cannot find. They come in 2 sizes -- a smaller bag which has I think 6 servings in it and a GIGANTIC bag that has 20 servings. Each serving is 6 of the crisps - which are typically pretty big sized pieces.

I`ve considered possibly trying to make this -- but I also wonder if I`d end up burning the crap out of it. I`m tasked with making brownies for Christmas Eve and I may reserve a tiny bit of batter to see if I can recreate this on my own. Yes, it`s seriously THAT good that I`d risk filling my kitchen with smoke (HAHA!!).

So yes, if you like brownies and you like cookies -- I`d strongly suggest picking this up if you ever come across it. It`s AH-MA-ZING!

Have you tried this -- or would you try this if you spotted it?

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