Chocolate, and Vanilla Strawberry layered cake with Chocolate Ganache!

4 years ago

So I have recently (as in the past few months) really gotten into baking, progressively more so as time goes on haha. And so I have been baking like no other, cupcakes, and cake pops, and cakes! Because of this new found hobby I have been baking a lot for friends birthdays, which resulted in the above cake!
I have found a couple ridiculously awesome blogs of other bakers, and have watched endless youtube videos on things like gum paste and fondant. So that is what I made the flowers on the cake from (gum paste! I have another post on the gum paste). and it turned out pretty well I think. The cake has 3 layers, two chocolate layers and a vanilla strawberry swirl layer in the middle! It turned out pretty good!
My friends all said it was delicious, I had been a little worried that it might be too dry, but everybody seemed to find it moist enough. :) my one pointer was from the birthday girl who said she loved it but found it a bit too sweet. I am okay with that opinion, I will make less sweet cakes for her next time, but I also think it might be a cultural thing, she is a exchange student from taiwan, and the level of sweetness between taiwan and the US is a little different. haha
I am pretty proud for it being my first gum paste decorated cake. I actually redid the covering icing (which was originally pink) and covered it with the chocolate ganache after which is why my ganache is a little lumpy. But I still haven`t found the perfect icing recipe for me yet. All the icing I make tends to be too liquidy and not solid enough, but adding more powdered sugar doesn`t seem to help, and I don`t usually make butter cream icing because for some reason all the ones I make have a very strong butter taste to them in my opinion, which is not really what I am looking for.
anywho I am glad the cake turned out to be a hit!

P.S. if you don`t know what gum paste and fondant is it is basically what all the pretty edible flowers/bows and stuff you see on cakes are made of haha

Are you a baker? Any experience with gum paste? How about with icing? anybody have a fantastic icing recipe they might want to share?

This cake recipe was pretty basic, but if anyone would like it please send me a message! :) And I am sorry I forgot to take pictures when we actually cut into the cake so I don`t have any pictures of what the cake looked like on the inside, the only i have got is the picture of the vanilla/strawberry swirl layer. :/ I will be sure to take some next time! :D

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