Chips that turns your tongue BLUE! =D

Pepsi Co. a well known brand that sells sodas such as Pepsi-Cola (obviously), Tropicana, Frito Lay, Quaker Oats has a new line of chips called Twisties. It`s not new in some areas but this is released in Australia.

The twistie chip is flavored cheese and te chip is cheesy looking color (orange/yellow) but once you eat it, it will make your tongue turn blue, lol!

<strong>Would you want your tongue to turn blue after eating some chips?</strong> It`s pretty cool to have blue tongue and for a chip to do that but I HATE food coloring or anything that makes my tongue change colors (or be stained). I think it`d be appealing for kids but I doubt it`ll be a "good sale" for the older crowd. But I don`t think many parents would buy the chips for their kids if they read the label. Either way, I never seen Twisties Chips here in Southern California so I won`t be trying this out.

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