Chipotle Quesodilla!

4 years ago

*pictures are all my own*

Have you been to Chipotle lately? Ok, so there`s one near my work that I`ve been to a few times, and this is what I had the other day for lunch.

It`s a chicken quesodilla, whcih is one of my favorite foods ever! I usually get it with some sour cream to dip it in or some salsa. I do have a question for my luuuxy lovers though. If you`ve gotten a quesodilla at chipotle, what do they charge you?

I`ve been there before and they`ve charged me $3 for a quesodilla, or $6 for a quesodilla plus chicken, and once it was like $4 or $5 for a "chicken" item on my reciept.

So my question is, what is it supposed to be? Like I wouldn`t mind just paying the $3 obviously, but I`m just trying to be fair you know?

Anyways, Chipotle quesodillas are super big and super yummy! I may get one tomorrow haha. or maybe a steak one... hmmm...

Anyways, so please let me know if you know how much they`re supposed to be! Thanks my luuuxy lovers!

And thanks for reading!

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