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5 years ago

A few months ago, I went to my cousin`s wedding that she had. The wedding wasn`t your typical American wedding, but instead it was a wedding based on the traditions on Chinese. This wasn`t the first Chinese themed wedding I went to ( I have been to a few when I was little) , but this was the first one I can actually remember considering I was like 3 -6 years old when I went to these weddings. Surprising, I have never been to an American wedding before, but I have seen many of them on T.V. and they look so fancy and good!
The difference between this wedding and the ones I see on T.V. is that instead of white, a lot of things are red. Even the brides dress is red! The bridesmaid are usually the ones that wear the white dresses. I like the idea of a red dress. It`s different. According to my mom, red is considered lucky in the Chinese tradition and that is why they red instead of white. I wonder if I will do this for my wedding.... White or red.. such a hard choice. I guess it will depend on my husband!

Anyways, back to the food at the wedding. The wedding cake they had at the wedding was delicious. There were many cakes, but the one in the picture is the one that I loved the most! The cake was yellow and white and it was served on a GOLDEN platter! (yup, like what a queen would get haha!) The cake was fairly simple, but elegant. The sides and bottom of the cake were white, but the top was a vibrant yellow. On the top, there was a strawberry cut in half and another one cut into a flower shape to be used as design. Through the center of the cake were thin cookies standing up and on the other side were pearl like designs which were made from tapioca I think. The cake was gorgeous.
And let me say, it tasted just as good as it looked. The cake was different than American cakes. It was what you would expect to find in an Asian bakery. The dough was extremely light and fluffy, but the frosting to it was decedent and rich. The two distant flavors balanced each other perfectly. I loved the cake so much and wanted a second serving of it, but sadly this one was all gone by the time I went up, so I just grabbed another slice of the cake next to it!
I love Weddings and the food there!

Have you guys ever been to a wedding like this before?
Does anybody know what this cake is called or have a recipe for it because I want some more?!

*picture is mine* please don`t take it!

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