Chinese To Go!

5 years ago

I have been craving Chinese take out like none other! My husband isn`t a fan of it (I ran it into the ground when I was pregnant) and my son is a picky eater, so this has kept me from having Chinese take out as often as I would like. Well, yesterday after some appointments I dug in my heels and decided we WOULD have Chinese for dinner. >:-D

We stopped off at my favorite Chinese and Thai take out. My husband got sweet & sour chicken (didn`t photograph...he was too busy eating for me to bother him, lol) and white rice. I got vegetable lo mein, chicken fried rice, and an eggroll. My son decided he liked my lo mein, after all, and shared that with me.

It definitely satisfied my long standing craving for Chinese. And, because they give such HUGE boxes of each dish, I had more than enough left overs for lunch today.

Everything was awesome, I just wish I had a stomach large enough to eat all the different dishes I wanted to get, lol! I let my craving go for so long that when we finally got around to getting Chinese take out, I wanted nearly 8 different dishes, lol... I kind of wish I could have squeezed some sesame chicken in there. :-P


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