Chinese Takeout- Low Mein, and More :)

4 years ago

If you read my previous post then you would know that I have been slacking on Luuux with all the testing coming up. I only have time to actually post things on Luuux during weekends so my apologizes for that. Anywho lets move on into the foods!

Before ordering Domino`s Pizza we ordered food from a Chinese restraunt, but the thing was they didn`t deliver. So we had to get the number of a delivering service who ordered the food for us from the Chinese restraunt. We ordered Chow Mein, and Low Mein but instead the delivering service said Low Mein and some other random food to the Chinese restraunt in which they totally messed up our order and gave us random foods that we totally did not order. Our total was 30 ish dollars for something we did not want to eat at all. The reason why the delivering service got our order wrong was because of loud crying and children screaming in the background. I totally understand it`s hard to be a mother and work hard, so I don`t mind she got some of our orders wrong. That wasn`t the issue it was that we had to wait 2 hours later just to recieve the Low Mein *she forgot our Chow Mein the 2nd time around.*

To end the story short we didn`t eat the Chinese food out of pure anger that it took 2 hours for 1 of the correct food to arrive. So we ordered Domino`s. We did get a refund for 10 dollars because we didn`t get our Chow Mein. Honestly the other foods weren`t that bad. I would never order take out from the same delivering company or chow mein place. If I really wanted to eat from the Chinese place I will defintely only eat it at the store.

-Sorry for venting this out to you guys. ):

What do you guys think of the foods I ate? What`s the worst food service you ever had? Comment down below :)
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