Chinese Take-Out for Dinner!

4 years ago

Mmmm... Chinese food! Last weekend(?) my boyfriend was hungry and because the little 3 ounce hamburger I had in the fridge was not going to be enough for him, he asked if I`d like Chinese food for dinner. I wasn`t particularly planning on Chinese food but since I had a whole ton of points left over (Weight Watchers points) I decided Chinese would be fine.

When ordering Chinese we tend to order a combination plate for my boyfriend since it has the few items he`s looking for (fried rice, chicken wings and general tsao`s chicken). The dish also comes with boneless spare ribs which I love. Whereas for me, I`d love some general tsao`s but the caloric values associated with it just are not that appealing to me. So I go for some of the items on the healthier side of the menu. The great thing about my local Chinese restaurant is on the back of the menu they have a "Healthy Menu" which is some of the lighter meat-influenced dishes served along-side steamed white rice. I really love their chicken and broccoli so that tends to be what I order. They have another dish which I enjoy (Moo Goo Gai Pan) but I really wanted chicken and broccoli so that`s what I went with.

Typically when I order I always order a small side of vegetables on the side. This time around I went with mixed vegetables in oyster sauce. That`s another great thing about my local Chinese restaurant, you can change the sauces up in any dish -- if you want a brown sauce, they`ll give you a brown sauce, clear, white, etc, they do it.

Since our order was over $15 we qualified to get a free eggroll and since those are my guilty pleasure an eggroll was swiftly added onto the order.

When we got home with the food I made myself a plate, 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of chicken and broccoli, half cup mixed vegetables, half an eggroll and one of my boyfriends boneless spare ribs. So good!

What is your favorite dish to get at a Chinese restaurant?

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