Chinese Rice Pudding

4 years ago

Hi everyone. I just like trying out new stuff, well making them that is. And when I do, and if it`s really good, I make them over and over again. One time my friend took me to this place in Chinatown and I bought some white rice pudding and it was the first time I had ate one. It was so good. Ever since then, I`ve been trying them from other places and it`s just not the same. Today I made my own, this is the brown sugar version not the white one though. I will try out the white version and post that later on, but I wanted to try this one first since I have never tried this one out too. I have made some with and without red beans. I like them both, however I love the one with the red beans. What you need is basically rice flour, black sugar slabs, cornstarch, wheat starch, ramekins. Ramekins is those small little clay bowls in see in the last two pictures. I got mine at a Asian store. They were 2 for 99 cents, so not bad. If you don`t have these you can use rice bowls. If you want to try to make these I will share the link below on where I got the recipe, mind that the recipe are given in grams though, so you might have to do a little conversion.

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