Chinese New Year Dinner

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

I know it`s a few days passed CNY already, but i just really wanted to share with EVERYONE (chinese/viet or not) what we eat as a family on chinese new year. We differ from a lot of other families. The tradition is more like a banquet where you have essential dishes like a roast PIG, WHOLE i beleive, then you have to have roast duck and fish, and loads of other dishes to translate to a prosperous new year and healthy one and one that will give you a happy year.

My family eat vegetarian for CNY, my dad is a full vegetarian not because he doesn`t like the taste of meat and seafood, but for the sake of not killing life! On CNY our motto is basically to kill life as less as we can during the year i guess.

It`s very interesting the amount of "fake" foods you can buy. hahah i call it FAKE because they really are trying it "FAKE" real meat, for example
-the first photo is supposed to be sweet and sour pork, and they actually see "vegetarian pork" where it looks and kinda tastes like pork, but it`s not.
-The third picture shows FISH FILETS but it`s just seaweed and gluten and wheat i believe (not too sure)
-The Forth picture is the tastiest one, it`s vegetarian PRAWNS, oh my goodness, it`s BETTER THAN REAL PRAWNS, it`s firm and tastes quite a like real prawns, i dont konw exacly how they do it!? How do they infuse the flavour into the actual product without using the real deal?
-the soup for the night was AWESOME it`s just loads mushrooms and carrots it was more of a thick soup
-the last one is just some sort of beef balls? i believe i`m not sure, but they are again vegetarian and very very yummy =]

My mum told me that these ingredients are more expensive than the real thing itself. so those vegetarian prawns are more expensive than real prawns!!! 0.0

so that`s my dinner, What did you guys have, if you did a post, please link it below i`d love to see .

Thanks for dropping by, all photos taken via iphone 4s

*all photos are mine, please don`t steal


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