Chinese for lunch!

4 years ago

I had a meeting at work today at 10:30. The only thing that I look forward to is the food that my boss provides! We get rewarded with food for listening to her talk for an hour :P

Anyways.. she ordered all of us Chinese food today. She ordered authentic Chinese food last time, and it was not a big hit. But she ordered like the "American" version of Chinese food (like Panda Express, for example) this time. But it wasn`t at Panda Express, just some local Chinese restaurant. It was super good! There was a tray of egg rolls, meat similar to orange chicken, curry noodles, cream cheese wontons, white rice, pasta, croissants, tuna salad, fruit, fruit tart, and cake.

I had a little bit of everything but the croissants, tuna salad, and fruit tart since I`m not a fan of any of them. My favorite would probably be the meat and rice and egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce. Everything was so crispy and crunchy and delicious! Yum!

The cake was a little too sweet for me. It also had jam and strawberries on it.. which I didn`t like :/

Everything was delicious!

-Picture is mine.

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