Chinese Duck!

5 years ago

Most people have had chicken or pork before, but have you ever had duck before??
Even though duck seems like an odd thing to eat, it is actually really popular in the Chinese culture. They sell it at many asian stores and make it in Chinese restaurants all the time. (That is where we got out chicken!)

The taste of duck is kinda hard to explain...Compared to chicken, duck tastes a lot more richer than chicken. In fact, duck seems to be much more oilier than chicken and I think it also contains more fat (Bad for health, but good for your taste buds!) My mom also told me that duck contains a lot of Dark meat, so if you are a fan of it, you should def. try some duck. The only real downside to duck in my opinion is the price. I don`t pay for it, but I know where I live, duck is almost twice the price of chicken. Nevertheless, having duck is a good change from your daily feast of turkey, pork, or even chicken!

Have you ever had duck before?
Did you like it or dislike it?

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