Chinese Diver`s Family Secret

4 years ago

We all know Olympic stars sacrifice a lot, but this girl here... She didn`t find out about the death of grandparents and her mother`s breast cancer until after she won the gold medal. People are complaining and saying this is terrible and it isn`t right, but you have to understand these are all choices that led up to this. Her and her family aren`t close knit because she went away for training when she was very young. That family bond isn`t extremely strong. It`s like if you`re adopted, the parents that raised you are the ones you think of as you parents, not your birth parents. Even though you`ll still care and love your birth parents, your adoptive parents are closer to you.

The mentality was they wanted her to succeed and she wanted to succeed and here she is! Even if they had told her when all of that had happened it doesn`t change the fact that her grandparents are gone and her mother has breast cancer.

This article is just up because she won the medal, and other countries are a little jealous. If China hadn`t won, the media wouldn`t even be looking into this story. They just want to nitpick at whatever they can find to make themselves feel better.

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