Chinese Bakery Goodies!

What do you normally buy from a Chinese Bakery? There is so many to pick from and I don`t know what`s good or not since I have never been to that particular bakery so I bought only $6 worth of desserts/goodies.

<strong>What I bought:</strong>

BBQ Pork Bun, this is basically just a bun (bread) filled with some bbq pork. This bun is incredibility affordable too, it was $1.09!
Taro Bun, this has the same bun as the BBQ Pork but the only difference is the filling is taro. The taro was a tad overwhelming for me so I had to take some of the filling out. This wasn`t as good as I hoped since I`m a huge fan of taro but it was "alright"
Cream puffs, they were yummy in my tummy. I finally found a local bakery that sells cream puffs!

As I went to go pay.. the chocolate cream puff was calling my name so I had to try the chocolate dipped cream puff too. Comparing cream puffs, the chocolate definitely is the winner.

Overall: For $6 for all these pastries/goodies is a good deal. I really love the BBQ Pork Bun, and maybe I`ll go back and get some more. Next time, I`ll show you all the filling pictures, I didn`t have time cause I was too hungry grubbing the snacks with my boyfriend! =)

<strong>Do you visit Chinese bakeries often? What do you usually get?</strong>

Yes, photo belongs to me!

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