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5 years ago

I picked this colour up way before it hit new years with intention to wear it during the festive season but I never got around to doing so. I was a bit reluctant to put this one on because Ive been feeling for more of the brights these days. But I though lets get it over and done with.

<strong> Glittering garland </strong> is a deep green with lighter green shimmers. For a bit my squinty eyes couldnt figure out if they were lighter green or gold. Looked like something in between the two but then I figured it looked greener. I also added <strong>Tinsel town</strong> to my ring finger. I needed that extra jazz to my nails just to take my attention away from the gloomy, dark colour.

Application was great. I think out of all my China Glaze polishes this one applied the best. The layers were so thin; it wasnt enough to be opaque on the first go but everything was fine on the second coat. Tinsel town is slightly on the thick side I dont want to use nail polish thinner on it. Its not thick to the point its unbearable. I applied two coats on the ring finger to get it how it is in the picture. The glitters werent spreading evenly so one coat just looks..weird.

Even though the colour isnt amazing I still managed to keep this on for around a week. It didnt start chipping until the fourth day but I was going through a lazy period, where I wasnt bothered to do anything including my nails! So I left them on for a bit longer. Surprisingly such a dark colour didnt leave a mad stain behind, kudos for that.

I realised Im not liking darker greens as much as before now. I have more than one dark green as well, what to do?! Might have to use it for my toesies then :)

What do you guys think of my nail colour? Did you pick this polish up?

For my studies I have to do a research project and I might base it on mens cosmetics. Anyone know any products? And brands? Basically anything about it would be great help for me! THANKS IN ADVANCE :)

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