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4 years ago

While my boyfriend and I spent the day in OC, I took this opportunity to visit a few of my favorite beauty supply stores in the area on Brookhurst and Bolsa to haul some nail polishes.

The first beauty supply store that I visited is called Skylark. This place is HUGE by the way. It`s like a beauty supply warehouse with everything you could think of. I think this place no longer sells OPI polishes, how unfortunate! Also, their color selections tend to be a bit more poor because they have older colors from past collections, but still nice nonetheless. I mostly checked out their China Glaze polishes, which are $2.50 each here. I only came out with 2 China Glaze polishes: <strong>China Glaze "Angel Wings"</strong> (gold holographic) and <strong>China Glaze "Glistening Snow"</strong> (silver holographic). Total for both these polishes were $5. The employees are really knowledgeable and helpful as well!

The second beauty supply store that I went to is called Imperial. This place is so much smaller compared to Skylark. I felt a bit uncomfortable in here just because I felt like the two employees here (both men) were staring at me the entire time just to make sure I didn`t steal anything. Every time I ventured to a new aisle, they moved over as well. The nice thing about Imperial is that they carry a lot of new colors and new collections and sell polishes ranging from Nubar, OPI, Orly, China Glaze, etc. The prices at Imperial are also a bit higher. Here, China Glaze polishes were $3.00 for the polishes with the basic black cap. The ones with the colored caps for the special effects line are priced higher. I ended up purchasing <strong>China Glaze "Techno"</strong> (silver holographic glitter w/ larger hexagonal holographic glitter in clear base), <strong>China Glaze "For Audrey"</strong> (that Tiffany blue Robin`s egg color, so glad I found this!!!) and <strong>OPI "Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry"</strong> (red Bing Cherry). I also purchased a <strong>100% Virgin Acetone Gallon Bottle</strong>. Each China Glaze polish was $3.00 ($6 total), I think OPI was $4.50 and the gallon bottle of acetone was $9 so my total came out to be around $19.

With beauty supply stores like Imperial, they never put up a sign that says how much the polishes are so you get the price when you ask them. But I feel like the prices they tell you range and go up/down between 25 - 75 cents depending on who you are? Plus there`s never a receipt when you pay and they calculate very quickly using a calculator... Hmmm haha. Oh well, I`m still very pleased with my purchase. I will never pay full retail price for nail polishes... It`s ridiculous.

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