China Glaze Tranzitions nail polish collection

the last time I was excited about a nail polish collection was The Hunger Games, I did end up getting almost all of it. when I heard China Glaze was releasing this Tranzitions one, I got a little giddy lol I stopped by Sally`s Beauty Supply today and these are the shades I got

from LtoR: split perso-nail-ity, modify me, altered reality, and duplicity. I`m sorry the colors aren`t coming out as they should, in reality modify me is very much a periwinkle shade in the bottle. let`s have a closer look

does duplicity look familiar to you ? a little like for audrey you say? let`s see

duplicity is more muted but not too different really. as far as the whole "hook" of these polishes - which is they change color when a top coat is added - it`s a pretty neat effect. I know there were some no name polishes at rite aid not too long ago that did the same thing but they just never got any fame, the poor things :-( the difference in shades with a top coat is enough to not need an extra color for a bigger contrast and I think you can have a lot of fun with designs and stuff, like nail stamping with a clear coat would look awesome ! I like these a lot, I`m a sucker for fun polishes

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