China Glaze quotIngridquot + Feather accent! :)


Here`s a unique idea of using the "accent" nail technique, but putting a twist to it.

It`s a bit more complicated, so I would suggest this to medium-advanced people. Becasue you do need alot of patience and it can get messy!

Anyways, here`s what you need to complete this look:

1. Base coat

2. Chinga Glaze`s "Ingrid"

3. Feathers

4. Nail glue

5. Top coat

Remember, the key thing is: PATIENCE! Have something ready while you wait for it to dry. Place some music, play on an ipod, but nothing too-touchy, otherwise you might ruin your creation!

Anywas, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Do you like this accent nail?
2. Do you like the twist of using a feather instead?

Commennt below if you have any quesitons, XO! :)

Photo by Chloe`s Nails.
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