China Glaze Mini Hauling.

4 years ago

I was searching eBay a few weeks ago and came across a lot of China Glaze polishes i wanted to add to my collection. Before i start I`m going to say eBay is not the best place to shop as its full of fake items but in the middle of all these you will find some decent sellers and you can get some good things for cheaper.

I got all my polishes from a seller on eBay that i trust, lets hope I`m right in doing this! but they do match up to others in my collection so I`m saying they are real.

China glaze can be found on there for much cheaper because its from America and they seem to charge stupid prices over here in the UK. The only down side to this is that it does take a while for the polishes to reach the UK and you can be hit with a custom charge if you buy to many or if its over a certain price, i haven`t been hit with any of these yet, lucky!

The 3 polishes that i picked are Flip Flop Fantasy, Spontaneous and Sugar High.

All of these caught my eye for different reasons but i do look at swatches online before i buy any as i like to know how similar they look from in the bottle so hopefully this can help you out a bit!

Flip Flop Fantasy and Sugar High look almost the same in this picture/in the bottle but i promise you that they are not, Flip Flop Fantasy is a bright neon pink with a matte finish, my picture really doesn`t do it justice to how bright it really is and Sugar High is a medium pink with a hint of coral and is a creme finish.

Both of the polishes are opaque in two coats but Flip Flop Fantasy can get away with one if applied right.

Spontaneous is a completely different colour to anything that i have in my collection, its a warmer purple with more red than blue in it, it applies lovely and is opaque in two coats.

China glaze is vastly becoming one of my favourite nail polish brands, i think i need to pick up some more of these beauties!

*all pictures are mine do not take*

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