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5 years ago

Hey dolls, todays post is a very exciting one. It is on China Glaze`s new and much anticipated Hunger Games Collection. There were so many colours in this collection I struggled to narrow my faves down so fair warning there could be a round two haha. Anyways lets get straight to it....

District 1 - Luxury
"Luxe and Lush" is a gorgeous flakie top coat, with flecks of orange, green, lilac and blue set in a creamy base. Something about this flakie is just extra stunning it just looks so creamy and soft. Unlike flakies like Essie`s "Shine Of The Times" this one isn`t as vibrant or firey looking. I like this one best over lighter colours wheras "Shine Of The Times" really stands out over darker colours. In comparison I would just say it is more subtle. The formula was a little thick however after I added some thinner it was fine. Removal is a bit of a pain but thats to be expected. Also this flakie unlike other ones i`ve tried has more of a glitter texture and is more rough to the touch where other ones i`ve tried have dried to a smoother finish.

District 2 -Masonry
"Stone Cold" (with "Luxe and Lush" on ring finger) s a dark matte finish grey with micro silver flecks. This is one that I knew I would get straight away, it is definitely one of "my" colours. I really do have a weakness for these types o dary graphite type greys with either glitter or shimmer, they are just so gorgeous and add a bit of an edge to whatever you are wearing. I was suprised that they made this one a matte finish, its gorgeous and it definitely makes it look very fitting for the Masonry District however it is the only matte in the collection. Even though I do like the matte finish I did add a topcoat to my middle finger nail for a comparison. With the top coat this polish really comes alive the shimmer in the sunlight is so gorgeous (picture doesn`t do it justice) and the added "Luxe and Lush" accent nail was very pretty to. The formula was really good, two coats was perfect however since it is a matte finish the polish does dry pretty quick so you do have to work quicker than with an ordinary polish. Removal wasn`t awful although because of the shimmer it did leave a bit behind around the edges of my nails. Also you could probably achieve this look with a polish you already have in your collection, any dark grey shimmer polish will work and just add a matte top coat over it. Something like OPI`s "Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous" would work or China Glaze`s "Jitterbug" although they are not as dark of a grey they would give a similar effect with just the added matte top coat.

District 6 - Transportation
"Fast Track" (with "Luxe and Lush" on ring finger) is a brown nude with gold shimmer. I was actually lucky to get my hands on this one as the day after I ordered it my seller was sold out of it. I initially didn`t really think much of this polish however I read some really good reviews on it so I figured I would give it a try and... I love it. It`s such a gorgeous polish and gives a beautiful twist on your average nude. Just so pretty and an extremely wearable colour. The formula of this was great, I expected it to be quite sheer however two coats mad it opaque. Removal is a tad annoying because of all the shimmer but nowhere near as bad as a glitter.

District 11 - Agriculture
"Agro" is an olive green shimmer polish with gold shimmer running through it. I don`t know why but for some reason I was quite drawn to this polish, i`m not really sure why as I don`t usually like colours like this but I don`t own anything like it so I figured why not. I do like this its different without being in your face and unwearable and its gorgeous when the sunlight hits it. The formula was good a little bit thick but okay, it took two coats. The removal was a little annoying since its packed full of shimmer but it wasn`t awful.

District 12 - Mining
"Smoke and Ashes" (with "Luxe and Lush" on ring finger) is a black base polish with micro blue, green and purple glitter. This is so gorgeous (pictures DON`T do this justice) I just couldn`t capture it on camera so I took a pics of the bottle as well just to give you a better idea of what the glitter is like. The glitter in this is subtle yet obvious and with "Luxe and Lush" over the top, ah its just fab! The formula was great on this one, it was opaque in one coat however I did two as always. The removal was a bit annoying since there it quite a bit of glitter in it.

So all in all I love the colours that I got however as I said i`m pretty sure I NEED more haha. So did any of you get anything from this collection? What do you think???


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