China Glaze Haul Ft. Hunger Games Polishes!

Hey Guys!

I wanted to post this super quick China Glaze haul. It was only minutes ago that i opened up my package from Head2ToeBeauty to that my China Glaze polishes have come! I was carefully stalking all the discount nail polish websites and I`ve always been a great supporter of Head2ToeBeauty. They ship incredibly fast, they always review my order and frankly,the shipping really isn`t all that incredibly bad. I paid a total of $32 for 7 China Glaze polish (Yes, that does include shipping) I calculated it in my head and figured that each CG Nail polish would be about $8 at Ulta leaving me with a $56 receipt. I also wasnt going to be sure if they`d have the polishes i wanted. Needless to say, Head2ToeBeauty won. I didnt feel so bad paying the shipping after that. (Which was about $12)

Anyway, Enough blabbering, on to the polishes :)

Pic 2:
So, as you can tell from the title, This post is mainly about the Hunger Games polishes that I got. I knew they dont usually sell out in the nail polish websites, but just to be safe, i went ahead and ordered them early. I just ordered the main ones that i wanted, and the ones that i knew were going to be sold out quickly. This collection actually doesnt come out till Mid-March so i suggest if you want them now, BUY THEM ONLINE! :)

Just like everyone else, I was sucked into the whole Hunger Games fad. I just finished reading the first book; The Hunger Games (which i read in 3 days because it is AMAZING!), and i am now currently reading the the second book; Catching Fire

Here are the list of polishes
- Fast Track: This is a gorgeous kind of nude color with bright gold shimmers :) This color is inspired by District 5 and their main contribution to the Capitol is Transportation

- Dress Me Up: Its a very opaque cream kind of antiqued pink color. This is inspired by District 8 which is Textiles.

- Luxe and Lush: This polish is probably the most anticipated one. Its a gorgeous flakie polish and i am absolutely excited for it. This one is inspired by District 1 and they specialize in Diamonds and Gems. I suspect this is the one to sell out fast. I suggest that you get it right away.

- Electrify: This is a gorgeous gold and red glitter. Its actually fairly opaque. This is inspired by District 6 which contributes Electricity.

- Smoke and Ashes: Im not gonna lie, i actually only bought this because it was based on District 12 which the protagonist; Katniss is from. Their mail contribution is coal as by the name. I actually turned out loving it. I will do a post soon because this was the first polish that i put on. Im actually wearing it as i type this :)

Anyway, after seeing these polishes that i got from the Hunger Games collection, i think im going to end up buying a few more colors from the collection.

Pic 3 has some really quick swatches from my nail wheel :)

Pic 4:
These 2 polishes are kind of been on my wish list for a while. This is from the Electropop collection. They are incredible bright and opaque cream colors :)

- Sweet Hook: Ive been searching for a bright lilac color. When i saw that China Glaze had came out with this color, i knew i had to get it

- Aquadelic: Its a nice aqua color (hence the name) its actually in the similar vein as the ever so famous For Audrey

Pic 5 shows some swatches of the 2 polishes on my nail wheel

So thats it for my haul! Please let me know if you want to see some swatches or reviews of the polishes that i featured. Just leave a comment :)

Till later
- Jemimah <3

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