Children the zombie apocalypse don`t mix...EVER!

Heyyy loves! I hope everyone`s Sunday was as great as mine!

My favorite part of Sunday is, yes, you guessed it, THE WALKING DEAD! It is one of my favorite shows on tv these days and tonight`s episode was every bit of interesting! If you`re a fan who hasn`t seen the most recent episode DO NOT READ THIS YET because there will be a few spoilers! Now, let`s get into this convo cause Lizzie? yeah, she`s crazy.

So this episode was centered around Tyreese, Carol, Judith, Mika, and of course psychotic Lizzie. We follow them as they try to find some sort of normalcy in life after everything that happened at the Prison. The issue with trying to find normalcy with Lizzie around? That little girl is probably the exact opposite of anybody`s normal. She already tried to suffocate Judith once (we, the audience, saw this, but unfortunately no one else did) and now she`s still playing with and feeding walkers! Now if it were me, I would have probably amped on the girl! Nope, I definitely would have amped on the girl. *takes off belt* `Little people!!`

But I digress, lol, really though, why did it take so long for Carol to realize that she needed to get rid of that Lizzie? Everyone knew she was crazy, it was inevitable. Either she would have been eaten or someone was going to kill her, why prolong her death so she could get other people killed? So now Mika is dead because of her sister & it all could have been avoided. Tragic.

Tyreese also had a few dumb moments in this episode. For example, wanting to stay in the middle of nowhere in a random house instead of trying to go to Terminus, where other people may be waiting. The dumb moments added to the suspense, but from the looks of my twitter feed, everyone was thinking the same thing: Terminus is the move! Tyreese was also pretty dumb in saying Lizzie was `just having fun`. (insert stale face emoji here) The girl had to go, simple as that.

Overall though, the actors were phenomenal in this episode! Bravo AMC, I`m addicted. This show is my crack, lol.

Share any thoughts you had on tonight`s episode in the comments!

I`ll be starting with my fashion blogs tomorrow so stay tuned,
xoxo, Kaitee Symone

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