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One man, one guy both reunited after 24 years later. In China, it`s one of those places you`ll read about child trafficking. It`s so bad that this guy here was kidnapped as a toddler. Being only four years old he was kidnapped at the vegetable market where his father worked.

His mother who passed away was sad when she was murmuring over her missing son. Sun Bin was sold to a family who lives thousands of miles away. His father, Sun Youhong who`s 60 years old today wished his son didn`t have to work at a young age. He wished his son was in school instead of working as a electrician.

Both father and son was reunited at the police station. His father also have a daughter who he never knew about. Sun Bin was smart to leave DNA at the police station as of last October. He received a phone call because they found a match.

His parents also received assistance from a Chinese web site called `Baby Come Home. His father said he won`t press charges if the adoptive family let his son move home for good.


Good gracious! I`m so happy they were united after 24 years. Being kidnap at a young age is scary! If not being kidnap period is scary. The bad people who lives in China who child trafficking these kids are sick! Kidnapping kids and selling them to make a living is sick to the stomach.


1. What are your thoughts about child trafficking?
2. Do you know anyone who has been kidnapped?

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