Child Pad, a Kid Friendly Tablet

Now a days kids/toddlers aren`t happy with their lego toys, barbie dolls or what I have noticed.. They see their mommy, daddy, cousin whoever with a cell phone, tablet, computer, laptop and whatever technology out there THEY WANT IT! I bet most phones, tablets, laptops are broken because of their kids dropping them or spilling their milk or whatever the case may be.

The solution would to just get them their very own tablet, computer but it`s just way too expensive. Now a company called Archos is going releasing a <Strong>Child Pad</strong> available to purchase at the end of the month for a low cost of $129!

About the ChildPad:
- It will be durable enough for your child
- Will have over 10,000 games, books, apps for your child for suitable ages in the AppLibsKids App Store
- 1GHZ processor
- 1GB Ram

So if your child, niece, nephew is begging for an iPad or some tablet you can now get them a more affordable one. It won`t be as cool as Team Apple but it won`t hurt to hear if they lost it.. Yeah $129 is expensive but.. $500+ for an Apple plus all the money for the apps and accessories can be like another $200+..

<strong>Now that Archos is coming out with the Child Pad do you think Apple will design a Child Pad too? Do you think the Child Pad is a good idea?</strong> I think the Child Pad is a good idea cause now a days technology is what we`re using.. like a research paper, you won`t see us using books anymore it`s all about using the Internet. So even if we wanted to be old fashion.. it`s kind of hard now that technology is everywhere.

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