Chiffon Peplums amp Knit Sweater

4 years ago

(photo is mine)

omg, it`s been awhile since i went clothes shopping, i`m so overdue for one. Oh, i finally got my daughter potty trained. YAY! ^_^ it`s about time! lol So, i had to get her some more underwear. We decide to drop by DD`s Discount because i knew they had the best deals there and i can use my employee discount. lol As soon as we got in, i went straight to the clothes, my hubby was like "um... what are you doing? aren`t we shopping for underwear only?" ha, i was like "no, im just looking around", but then i keep on picking up top after tops. hahah... he knew i wasn`t gonna go home without trying one on. lol anyway, i tried a couple02, but only end up with these four. which, i thought was pretty good since i had only 30 mins to look around. one word of advice, don`t go shopping with the hubby (especially if he`s the rushing type of guy). LOL omg, like seriously you`re barely on the first rack and he`s already saying "are you done yet?". gosh, so annoying. lol sadly, i didn`t get to check out anything else (shoes, accessories) =(. but oh well, i was satisfied with my four tops. =)
okay, so i got 2 chiffon peplum tops, 1 chiffon tunic, and a loose knit sweater. they were all $5.99-$8.99. good deal huh? yes, awesome steal. I`m so in love with chiffon tops... they just look so sweet and romantic and yes, they help cover up my belly. lol after two kids, its no joke! lol anyway, cant wait to style these tops. =)

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