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2 years ago

We`ve all had those sick days, when all you want is a nice hot bowl of soup, a soft blanket and a marathon of your favorite show. The next time you have one of those days follow this quick easy recipe, and you`ll be soupy heaven. A lot of the ingredients in this recipe are subject to taste and can be removed, many other ingredients can also be added.
Here is what I did to make this simple classic soup:

I started off by cutting a pound of boneless skinless chicken breast into small bite size pieces. recommend cutting them very small. After the chicken is all cut, put small pot on medium heat and add some olive oil. By using olive oil and chicken breast you`re taking a little more of a healthy approach, but vegetable oil and chicken thighs can also be used as a replacement.
Toss your chicken into your pot and cook them until all sides are white. If the chicken isn`t cooked through at this point it is okay it will be done soon!
The next step is to add a couple cups of chicken stock. I usually just eye ball it. Bring the stock up to a soft boil. While I wait I like to cut half of a white onion into thin strips and then add them to the hot pot.
Once the pot is at a soft boil I like to add 3 whisked eggs over the top. Then I put the top on and let it cook for a few minutes.
I use these few minutes to cook up some rice, instant rice is fastest but you can make whatever you prefer.
After about 3 minutes I give my soup mix a stir. This is where I add some extra stuff. I like to put in a couple tablespoons of soy sauce and half a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce. It gives the chicken soup a little bit of an asian tang. You can add anything though! Different vegetables, other sauces or flavors! Or you can keep it a classic chicken soup and give it a twist of salt and pepper and be done.
I like to serve my soup over a pile of white rice, but you can use noodles or anything else you can think of!
This is such a classic recipe that you can keep it as is, or add any number of ingredients to make it your own. Eat Free my friends and enjoy!
This soup takes about 30 minutes to make or less. So even on your worst days you can enjoy this homemade classic!
I hope you enjoy!

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