Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

5 years ago

This is part of my meal I ordered tonight when my boyfriend and I went out to eat for Valentine`s Day. My boyfriend let me choose the restaurant we went to, so I decided to go with one of our local Middle Eastern restaurants. I LOVE Middle Eastern food, I eat it often and practically own stock at my local Lebanese bakery because I purchase pita bread 1-2 times a week, along with other goodies (kibbe, grape leaves, hummus, etc.).

I knew going in, even though we were going for dinner, I wanted a chicken shawarma sandwich! I haven`t had one in a very long time and this is one of my favorite sandwiches at a Middle Eastern restaurant, well, aside from a kibbe sandwich. What they do is they take a large pita, break it in half and layer a cooked chicken, onion, tomato and parsley mixture onto the bread, then spoon on some hummus. When the hummus touches the hot chicken it kind of "melts" and becomes one with the mixture. It`s then rolled up and cut in half and served on a plate.

My meal came with homemade french fries - which I ate all of at the restaurant. They were SO good! I also ate half of my sandwich at the restaurant and brought the other half (which is pictured) home. I didn`t want to take pictures of my food in the restaurant since it was packed and the flash would have had everyone in our section looking over at us haha.

<em>Have you ever had Chicken Shawarma?</em>

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