Chicken Nugget That Resembles President George Washington!

5 years ago

Everyday in our life we stumbled up a lot of crazy stuff, but hear this out! A woman who`s from Dakota City sold her children three years old chicken nugget for $8,100 on eBay! Her reason to sell the chicken nugget was to raise money ($15,000) for a drive to send 50 children to Summer Camp Church in Sioux City. 

Ms Speight said her children didn`t eat the chicken nugget so when she was about to toss it out she realize it looked like our president! She stashed the nugget in her fridge for three years! eBay first rejected her because the guidelines of expired food, but later on received an email. They said it was exceptional since it was for a good cause. 

In my opinion that was smart of her because shoot I would probably do the same thing. Lol My chicken nuggets always look like a Christmas stocking. Lol. Plus, it was nice of her to take the money and use it for a great cause! 

1. What do you usually order from Mc Donald`s?
2. Do you eat their chicken nuggets!?

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