Chicken Dinner

4 years ago

This was our dinner for tonight. This was something quick, easy, but delicious and rather healthy. I started with organic chicken breasts (I like these because they`re also individually packaged, so I can pull out exactly how many I want and don`t have to use the entire package OR go through the steps of pre-bagging them individually myself when I first buy them). I seasoned them with some garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and grill seasoning. Even though I didn`t grill them, I like the grill seasoning because it is roughly ground which gives nice crunch when it is cooked. Those were put into a baking dish and cooked for 30 minutes in a 350 degree (preheated) oven. For the sides I went simple. I chose to do two veggies. I did buttered brussels sprouts and cauliflower. I did season the cauliflower with similar seasonings found on the chicken (garlic and onion powder and salt) When I plated it up I decided to add a bit of shredded cheese. Initially, I was just going to do this on my son`s plate because he is a picky eater, but it looked good so I did it on mine too. I ended up cutting my chicken breast in half because I wasn`t very hungry. Over the top I spooned out a bit of BBQ sauce that my grandfather in law makes... It isn`t actually made from scratch. He refuses to tell me (or anyone else) how, exactly, he makes it...but it is a combo of already existing bbq sauces and he adds seasonings and spices to it. I know for a fact a good majority of it is A1 sauce because I can smell and taste that. I think he also adds jalapeno seeds and garlic because I also see and taste that. As for the rest, I don`t know and he won`t tell me. About once a year, though, he makes large batches of it and will pour it into mason jars and give it out to the family members. I`m about 3/4 through mine. As you can see, nothing fancy about the dinner but it was delicious all the same. We`re still battling illness in our house, so for a couple of nights we have been eating homemade chicken soup. I have already done a post in the past on that. You can see that post here: /viz/homemade-chicken-amp-dumplins. The photos aren`t working unless you click them, but they are there. /viz/homemade-chicken-dumplins Photos work in this one. The dumplin posts are worth taking a peek at since we are now in the cold weather plus colds/viruses are going around.

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