Chicken again!?!

5 years ago

Thats right! I made chicken again! If you all read my last food post, my hubby and I are trying to eat less red meat, which leaves us with chicken. Chicken. More chicken. And seafood.

Last night I wanted something quick and easy. Hahaha! Think about that! I crack myself up... So I chose chicken parmesan and spaghetti. This meal is done in 20 minutes tops, and tastes delicious.

In a separate pot I boiled spaghetti. I actually should have said earlier chicken parmesan, spaghetti AND linguini. After the spaghetti was almost done cooking I thought it looked like a little bit and decided to add more. Of course i was out. Go figure. Can`t add elbows. He`ll notice that. Found some linguini and threw that in as well. Took 10-15 minutes to soften.

While the pasta was cooking, I cooked the chicken. In a bowl I added milk and 1 eggs. I dipped my chicken breast in it and quickly cover the breast in ready mixed bread crumb seasoning. Next I added oil to a skillet and added the breast. It literally takes 5 minutes each side to cook. After that, I took it out of the skillet and laid it on aluminum foil. I then spread spaghetti sauce on each breast and covered them with mozarella cheese. Placed in the oven for 10 minutes.

While that was in the oven I drained my pasta. I added milk, butter, and you know it! Garlic salt! See you gals do know me! I mixed it up well, and added very little spaghetti sauce. I don`t like to drown my spaghetti in sauce rather just coat it.
I set 2 servings on 2 plates. I picked up that squarcle (like my word? not quite a square, not quite a circle) plate from Target for $1, and even got matching drinking glasses.

Once I pulled out the chicken from oven, and added it to the plate. Added some parmesan cheese to spaghetti and digged in. My hubby was done within minutes. He says I make the best spaghetti EVA!!! *Blush* I concur. I`ve been using I concur ever since I saw Leo DeCaprio use it in "Catch Me If You Can."

What did you all have for dinner? Do you like this meal?
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