Chicken ADOBO is oh so yummy!

5 years ago

Day 24: My Favourite Food.

Okay sorry I was meant to post this yesterday but it wouldn`t let me upload any photos until today. So i`m doing it now so don`t complain! Hahaa

My favourite food of all time is chicken adobo (or any adobo) with spaghetti coming in at a close second. I know that I posted about adobo a while back but aye i`m just going along with the 30 Day Challenge.
I absolutely LOVE adobo. I think it`s the best thing ever! I could eat it all day and everyday. With other food and dishes I find that I get over then very quick but with adobo I don`t have that problem.. Maybe because I hardly have it.

Yes I am Filipino and most Filipino families have this dish quite a lot, or is it just my family and friends families? But I hardly have this dish because I don`t live with my filo family. I lie with my mum and we have Aussie food.. It`s very sad :`(
So because of this I only have adobo once or twice every year, when I visit my families.

Adobo is basically boiled chicken or pork with vinegar and soy sauce for the soup.. Of course there`s more stuff put into it but i`m not sure what. This dish is pretty popular and very simple. I guarantee everyone out there to try this. I`m sure you will fall in love with it !!!! :) :)

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