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Chicharrones have got to be one of my favorite snacks since i was a little girl!! What chicharrones are is fried pork skin with pork fat. I know, i know not the best sounding or healthiest sounding snack but it`s definately delicious!! I like more of the skin because it`s crazy crunchy and nicely salted. This is a big bag that my mom buys at a local store for about $3-5 and it`s enough for 3 people to eat out of. lol. If you`re a person that`s open to trying new things and like crunchy salty snacks than chicharrones are definately something you should try. During the holiday season when we do big diners and make pork shoulders, we take the pork skin of; take off %90 of the fat and bake it to make homemade chicharron. If you like bacon, pork, or any kind of jerky than im sure this will be a good snack for you! (well not health wise but yummy wise :)

-Have you ever tried chicharrones?
-Any crazy snack that you love?

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!

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