Chic amp crazy style mix it up with crazy HAREM PANTS!

5 years ago

HAREM PANTS are known as the saggy pants.People used to wear them like crazy,Well not "crazy".I used to own a pair ,but i never used them ,because i thought they were not "cool".My dad actually bought me those HAREM PANTS.Thank goodness it was not my mom .

I only wore them when i was at home chilling with my buddies and sleeping all the time lol =)When i go somewhere i like to dress up classy and casual.when i was smaller i dresses up as these punk kids and dressed colorful,i didn`t match at all . lol This girl was wearing this long bright yellow shirt.The yellow shirt looks really cute ,i don`t have any yellow shirts , because i don`t match with color.

I haven`t seen HAREM PANTS in a long time,this was a surprise because she was wearing these HAREM PANTS.The color was black,white and it looked like a crazy style ,but it wasn`t .The shoes that she was wearing were color hot pink.Last time when i was at the mall i saw these very hot pink heels,but they were so tall,i wouldn`t know how to walk in them.The accessories that she was wearing was an orange belt.

I think the belt looks good on her even though it doesn`t match lol She also had some pearls which were light pink.I would defenitly wear this look .I wouldn`t change a thing .My sister has those pants ,but they look a little different. I`m going to tell her if i could borrow it . What do you think of her outfit?would you wear it ? would you change anything?

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