Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 years ago

Hey Cookie lovers of the world. I just wanted to share some pics of some chocolate chip cookies I just made. These are the chewy ones. I love chewy chocolate chip cookies more than the crunchy ones. These were the best chocolate chip cookies I`ve ever made. They weren`t flat like the previous ones that I made and they were soft and For some reason I don`t like flat chocolate chip cookies. I think it might be due to the texture of the cookies. Whenever I buy them from the bakeries at grocery stores I always check to make sure they`re nice and fluffy and not flat. If they are, I turn the other way and walk out of the bakery without any delicious cookies. The way I got these cookies to turn out like this instead of being flat was that I put the cookie dough into the fridge for at least 15 minutes or more after I finished mixing the dough instead of baking it right away. The previous cookies I`ve made, not with the recipe I used for these cookies though, always turned out flat and I always baked it right after mixing the cookie dough batter. I read somewhere that if you want your cookies to not be flat that is what you should do. So far so good. So, what kind of cookies do you like??
Do you like flat or fluffy thick cookies??

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