Chewy Chips Ahoy! Birthday Frosting Filled cookies

2 years ago

I admit Im a sucker for birthday cake/frosting flavored foods. Birthday cake ice cream will forever have a soft spot in my heart so when I heard there were Chewy Chips Ahoy Birthday Frosting Filled cookies I had to pick up a package. Admittedly I was intrigued because Chips Ahoy has been really stepping outside the box lately and I hoped these would be as delicious as I imagined in my mind.

The cookies are your classic chewy Chips Ahoy! Chocolate chip cookie but nestled in the middle is a birthday frosting. Its a white frosting with colored confetti sprinkles running throughout it. Think of it as the chocolate chip cookies ode to an Oreo. Initially I thought these would be sweeter than normal but surprisingly, theyre not that sweet. Theyre about as sweet as a regular ole Chips Ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookie. The cookies are soft and the frosting is slightly stiffer. The two different worlds finding a unique balance with one another.

My thoughts? I think theyre decent cookies but theyre definitely not game changing. The birthday frosting flavor isnt at the forefront which lands these along the boring sidelines. Theyre unique in the fact that theyre different and in a league of their own but my only hope wouldve been a little more bang on the birthday frosting notes.

A serving is 2 cookies which is 150 calories or 4 points plus values.

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