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2 years ago

If you have a desk at home, at work, or at the office, it may look a little plain, dull, and boring. I know mine did. That`s why I decided that in order to brighten up my workspace, I would decorate it! In my line of work, it`s common for people to decorate their desks, but never before have I gotten so many compliments since trying this new look!

-Wrapping paper of your choice pattern


1. Find A Pattern You Like

When it comes to decorating your desk, you`ll need to find a pattern that you want to cover it with. I originally looked at contact paper but ultimately decided to use wrapping paper since I fell in love with the chevron pattern. It`s bright and definitely my style. My wrapping paper was just $2.99 at Target!

2. Roll Paper Out In Length of Your Desk
The easiest way to go about actually putting the paper on your desk is to just roll it out from one side of the desk to the other. My wrapping paper was taller than the space I needed to cover, but for now we just need to worry about how much you need to roll out. Tape the wrapping paper where you want it to start (I, for example, taped it to the upper left corner and rolled the wrapping paper out to the right) and then once you reach the other side of your desk, cut! You can always clean up the edges after.

3. Cut Extra Paper
More than likely, the paper will be longer than your desk is tall. My wrapping paper went down to the ground and, as you can see, the front of my desk does not reach the ground. So, you`ll want to cut some of the extra off. DO NOT cut it to the length of the desk - leave some paper to fold up under it.

4. Tape It In Place
Using regular or packing tape, make sure your paper is stuck firmly to the front of your desk. I taped the sides up first after I cut everything. Then, with any extra paper that hangs longer than your desk is tall, fold it up under the desk and tape it there. This will give the bottom of your desk a nice clean edge with the paper rather than trying to cut it to size on the bottom. Make sure it`s all secured with your tape!

5. Personalize The Front!
I personalized the front of my desk with my name (which I crossed out since it had my last name, but you can see the idea). I simply printed out my name nice and big in a nice font and then cut it and backed it with bright pink construction paper that went well with the mint green chevron. I checked it to see if it was in the middle, then taped it up. This is where you have to be careful because once you put tape on wrapping paper, you can`t take it off without ruining it!

6. Decorate the Sides
After completing the front of my desk and cutting and taping the paper and doing the personalization, I did the same to the sides of the desk to make it uniform. Same process applies! :)

I absolutely LOVE how bright and cheery my desk looks now compared to the dull and boring solid grey it used to be. It really changes up the atmosphere of the whole room, too! I actually enjoy being at my desk :)

You can vary this method with different types of coverings, from wrapping paper to contact paper, construction paper, and even fabric. Just make sure to cut it to size and secure it up with invisible tape. It`s almost like wrapping a present... but it`s a desk! :P

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