Chevron Patterned Artwork - DIY(:

Ah, I think this is SO cool ! & Omg it`s so easy. (:


- Canvas (Whatever size you want)

- Acrylic paints in assorted colors

- White acrylic white

- Painter`s tape

- A paintbrush or two

- Scissors


01. Start by painting you canvas in a cool, abstract pattern in whatever colors you like. Make sure the whole canvas is covered in color ! Then let dry.

- I think you could also just get a cheap old painting from a garage sale or something to use, if you don`t want to paint your own. I mean, as long as it`s a color scheme you like, I think it`d be really cool. (:

02. Cut a TON of strips of painter`s tape while your paint is drying. How many depends on what size your canvas is, but you`ll need a lot. & You`ll want them to be about the same size. I mean you don`t need to measure or anything, but keep then pretty much consistent.

03. Once your paint is totally dry, lay out your tape in a chevron pattern. You can look at the picture in the middle left to see how it should look if this part confuses you at all.

- If you want an even more abstract look, pull off some random peices of tape once all the peices are on. Anything not covered in tape will be white, so just keep that in mind.

- Make sure the sides of the tape are pressed down really tight & well.

04. Take your white paint & paint your whole canvas. You might want to do two layers just for good measure. Let this dry really well. Like overnight. Cause pulling off the tape before the paint is completely dry will ruin the whole project.

05. Pull off the tape.

06. Hang up your amazing new wall art.

Hope you guys like this, I thought it was pretty darn cool(:

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