Chess Boxing?

Chess boxing is a sport that involves playing chess while boxing. Why such a strange combination? Chess tests your brain ability while boxing tests your strength. This sport has been around since 2006 and around the world in areas like Germany, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, France, Iceland and so forth.

How does this sport work? There are up to 11 alternating rounds of boxing and chess. The match beings with a four minute round of chess followed by three minutes of boxing -- then you alternate between chess, boxing until the match is over. There is a one minute break in-between rounds so you can relax.

This is a pretty interesting combination but I think it`s pretty smart. Boxing should matter about "just" strength but also test your brain and knowledge too!

<strong>Would you be interested if the boxer is also smart? Or do you only care about boxing? Did you know this was even a sport?</strong> I think those who are boxer fans wouldn`t want to see boxers rest for a chess break. I think it`s an interesting sport combination.

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