Chef`s Experience: China Bistro

5 years ago

My boyfriend and I ate at Chef`s Experience: China Bistro located in Hayward, CA for our three year anniversary. At the time we went, they were renovating the restaruant so it was pretty janky and ghetto on the outside. When we walked in it was a little nicer. Nice decorations and tables/chairs. We were seated quickly. There were a decent amount of people eating there so I figured it but be good. As we were looking the through the menu I felt ashamed ordering food because I am Chinese myself and it felt horrible ordering food from their menu for an expensive price when I could get it cheaper elsewhere! We order the Siu Mai as an appetizer and that was around $3 when it`s usually only $1.95 in other chinese places of dim sum. We also ordered rice on the side, chef`s special chicken (around $9) and honey walnut shrimp ($14)!!! Ahh, thats so expensive! It was good and crispy, but it was really difficult to let myself order those foods for that kind of price. But I tried to tell myself that this is our anniversary so it is okay to spend a little more to eat in a nicer restaurant. But in the end I felt uneasy. I mean their food there was good but, not so good that I`d have to come back.

I don`t think I would come back. The waiter`s were a little weird. The table next to us was our waiters friends so I`d see our waiter unprofessional with them and professional with us so that was just an overall weird experience. Has anyone ate here before and loved it or hated it? Let me know your opinions.

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