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4 years ago

This fun little gadget is something my husband picked up for me.. or perhaps more for my son. My son loves to help me in the kitchen with cooking but there are only so many things he can do. Typically he is set on adding stuff to bowls/stirring/laying things onto cookie sheets... anything he can do without hurting his little fingers.

My husband came across this little kitchen tool that is for chopping up garlic. Why it is so handy for kids is it is a set of blades inside the plastic body, which is set on 2 wheels. It literally can be "driven" around the counter tops, as he would do with his hot wheels toy cars. It is fun for him to drive around and while it is driving, the wheels are turning the blades on the inside and dicing up the garlic. Come on... too cute! There is no way for them to harm themselves as the blades aren`t exposed on the outside at all. In order to get to them you have to pop open the door, which is quite secure. I even have to work at it a bit to open it.

I think something like this is perfect for the kiddos that want to help out. It may seem impractical for the adults as we can just use the garlic press, dice the garlic with a knife, use a food processor.... but I feel this really was more targeted at kids anyway.

If you have children/young siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc... would you use something like this? Do they like to help out in the kitchen?


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