Cheesecake fantasy!

4 years ago

It`s pretty weird how yesterday, which was July 3rd, displayed fireworks! I would have thought fireworks would be on July 4th... but whatever lol. So after watching the fireworks with my mom, sister, and boyfriend, everyone except my mom went to Cold Stone to get some yummy ice cream. My boyfriend and I have been craving it.

At Cold Stone, my boyfriend recommended me get the Cheesecake Fantasy, which is one of their Signatures. We actually all got one of their Signatures. My boyfriend got the Birthday Cake Remix and my sister got Oreo something. The signatures are pricier than just getting regular ice cream because they add in ingredients. My sister and I both got the smallest size, which was the Kids, and that was $4!!!!! So expensive! I don`t know what size my boyfriend got, but he got a waffle bowl which is like $0.70 more. My boyfriend said that he should have gotten our size because his was a lot. The kids size actually comes with a lot of ice cream and it filled me up. Half of my ice cream melted and I didn`t bother finishing it.

In my Cheesecake Fantasy, frozen blueberries and strawberries were crushed into cheesecake ice cream. Next, graham crackers were mixed in. It is SOOOO good. I am so glad I listened to my boyfriend. I didn`t like the blueberries, though. It was nasty and bitter and gross. The strawberries were okay. Next time I am definitely asking for no blueberries.

For the three of us, our bill came out to be $20!!!!! For ice cream?! My sister and I both got the smallest size for $4 each. Cold Stone is so expensive! We got a military discount of $5 off because my boyfriend`s dad was in the navy.

Even though it`s expensive, I still want to go back and get another Cheesecake Fantasy! :(

It doesn`t look very appetizing in the pictures, but it`s really good!

-Pictures are mine.

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