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I hope youre all having a good day =)
So the other day it was my brothers birthday and once again we bought a cake from my favourite cake shop. The shop is located in Woodside Mall in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Usually we do buy mango cakes, however, this is the first time we strayed away from the mango cake and we decided to buy a cake that was a cheesecake style. I was a bit sceptical because its somewhat of a fruitcake with icing, I had no idea how that would blend well with a cheesecake. However, once again I was pleasantly surprise, it was very good!
The cheesecake aspect was not as cheesy, as weird as that may sound. It was kind of sweet. IT tasted really good for that reason. Because if it was cheesy it wouldnt have blended well with sweet icing.
Overall one of my favourite aspects of the cake was the presentation. There are two layers of vanilla cake. With a thick layer of cheese like substance, and a thin layer of icing. Then the entire cake was covered in vanilla icing. Then there were fresh fruit was placed on the cake. There were:
- pineapple
- strawberries
- kiwis
- peaches
- cantaloupe
Then they made the balls of white icing. Over that and around the cake there was dark chocolate drizzled on it. Thats also what they used to write happy birthday and such.
Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the post.
Bye =)
**Pictures are mine, please DONT take, thank you

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