Cheese Quesadilla

4 years ago

I am still playing catch-up on my food posts. A few nights ago I made chicken fajitas for dinner. I didn`t do a post on that because I believe months and months ago I already did. No point in repeating that meal. However, my son is not a fan of fajitas so I made him a simple cheese quesadilla. He will NOT eat them if there is chicken or anything inside besides the cheese. I simply took a flour tortilla and laid it into a large skillet. No butter or anything. While it was laying flat I sprinkled in a mix of cheeses (basically whatever I had left in my fridge from previous meals that didn`t use all of the bags)... I combined things like cheddar, mozzarella, a mexican blend, and monterey jack. I put the cheeses just in one half of the tortilla and then folded it over. I let it sit for a couple of minutes to get the outside golden and then flipped to allow the same for the other side. I gave him a dollop of sour cream to put over the top. Obviously you could add other things inside yours, like chicken and such, but this was for my picky boy.

How do you like your quesadillas?

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