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4 years ago

Mozzarella sticks!! I use to hate cheese except for cheese on pizza, but lately I`ve been loving mozzarella cheese! Only mozzarella cheese, especially TGIF`s fried mozzarella sticks. It`s so good!! I started loving mozzarella sticks after I started dating my boyfriend, and we`ve been going out for three years, its only been lately that I have started liking it so much. I love it so much, I bought a huge back from Costco for about $10, so I can make it whenever I have a craving. It`s convenient and fast, just pop it into the oven, I use a coventional oven so it cooks faster. It`s not a healthy food, but its a finger food, girls always get these cravings and its a must have to have it stored in the freezer. I love mine baked to crunchiness and dipped in marinara sauce. Where is a good place to have good mozzarella sticks? Is it only girls that always get these cravings?

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