Cheese Fondue

4 years ago

It`s Fall and its the perfect time to eat cheese fondue to help keep warm in the chilly weather.

This photo was taken from my trip to Montreal last fall and it was quite chilly there so I went to a restaurant near the harbor.

I found that, with cheese fondue, depending on which restaurant you go to, they will either put a lot of wine or very little wine in the cheese. The last one I went to, the wine overpowered the cheese. This one was a lot better. I had asked the waiter to not put so much wine in it.

With the cheese fondue, I received freshly baked bread cut up into pieces ready for dipping as well as some apple slices. I also got some prosciutto, which is raw ham, to try out too. I also ordered a plate of baked escargot =)

It was delicious! I`m not quite sure what the cheese they used was but it was very creamy and there was only a hint of wine in it. It warmed me up quite well! And I was only able to finish 1/2 the pot because it was so filling and rich. It`s a shame you can`t pack fondue in a doggie bag =P

This meal cost me well over $40 USD though, with the taxes and tip. Very pricey for a person but completely worth the price.

What do you guys think?

*photo is mine*


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